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Rattlesnake Skin Hat Band

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Rattlesnake skin hatband from Tombstone, Arizona
Rattlesnake skin hatband from Tombstone, ArizonaWestern Rattlesnake Skin Hatband fits most hats - Tombstone, AZ
Price: $98.99
Rattlesnake skin hatband with rattle attached.  Velcro closure allows it to fit most hats allowing a semi-custom fit.  This hat band can dress up any hat with a distinctive western flair. 1" wide.
*Does not come with hat.
Rattlesnakes are a member of the viper family and live throughout North and South America. The United States has 36 known species, thirteen of which live in various parts of the state of Arizona. Most common rattlers found in Tombstone, Arizona are the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and Mohave Rattlesnake.