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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Folk Art

Ceramic Figurines ~ Skulls ~ Jewelry - Luminaria ~ Ornaments

Welcome to the Day of the Dead! 

Browse through our large selection of Day of the Dead folk art which includes Skulls, Ceramic Skull Luminaria, Bells, Figurines including Santa Muerta, Bride & Groom, Nativities, Ornaments, Ceramic Necklaces, Ceramic Earrings, Crosses, Ceramic Eggs and much more. 

Many of these items are handcrafted by local artisians in Peru. They are available in a variety of colors. Styles and colors may vary because of the fact these items are handcrafted.  Please call (520) 457-3335 during our normal business hours and we will be glad to help you if you have any questions.  


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D.O.D. Peruvian Folk art ceramic figurine with bride and two cats.
Bridal Day of the Dead Figurine
Price: $38.98
Bridal Day of the Dead Figurine
Ceramic Day of Dead skeleton dressed in bridal gown and holding flowers. Upright cat skeletons stand behind her.
Day of Dead Party Truck Figurine
Price: $39.98
Day of Dead Party Truck Figurine
Bright and colorful truck with passenger cargo on top brings five D.O.D. figurines to the traditional party and feasts.
Giving Thanks Ceramic D.O.D. Figurine
Price: $32.98
Giving Thanks Ceramic D.O.D. Figurine
Hands together in prayer this colorful figurine gives thanks for the bounty at his feet. One of our most popular Day of Dead figurines.
Skeleton couple dressed in their best are holding hands, ready for the Day of the Dead festivities.
True Love D.O.D. Ceramic Figurine
Price: $44.98
True Love D.O.D. Ceramic Figurine
Day of the Dead Skeleton couple holding hands. Ceramic Peruvian Folk Art figurine for use in D.O.D. festivities.