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Santa Muerta D.O.D Ceramic Figurine

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Santa Muerta folk art figurine in red dress, holding scales, skulls and wise owl.
Price: $20.98

Santa Muerta is 6 inches high and holds the scales of judgement in one bony hand, a skull in the other and the wisdom of an owl is available as it sits on the bottom front of her skirt.  Long purple with black mantilla goes all the way to floor and creates a contrast for her smiling skull face. See the other two color combinations available in this Santa Muerta figurine.
*Please note that these are handmade so there may be some variants in color and exact design.

Associated with the Day of the Dead celebration thoughout South, Central and the Southwestern United States Santa Muerta is a year round figure of folk lore as she has many different meanings.  Her popularity has been growing in these regions to almost cult like proportions.

Santa Muerta is a female folk saint associated with protection and healing. She also gives the dead safe passage to the afterlife.  She wears all different colors of robes and often carries a variety of objects including scales, globes or a scythe.  Santa Muerta or Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerta is popular throughout the Southwest and Mexico.  The Spanish translation of the name means Our Lady of the Holy Death.