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Majestic Eagles in Flight

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Majestic Eagles with outstretched wings and talons that look like bronze statues.
Price: $149.98

Two eagles are poised with wings and talons outstretched as if diving into a river for a fresh salmon. This figurine is 18"H x 14"W.  Beautifully crafted, these realistic looking eagles invoke the call of the wild. 

  • 18"H x 14" W
  • Resin Cast
  • Copper Plated

Made of cast resin that is then covered in a patented copper plating giving them the look and feel of traditional bronze figurines without the cost and heavy weight which allows them to be shipped easily for gift giving.  If you have any questions about this or any of our other products please call (520) 457-3335 our store during our normal business hours, we will be glad to help you.  Or visit us at our store located at 504 Allen Street in Tombstone, Arizona. 

There are two species of eagle that are found in North America, the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle. These large, powerfully built bird of prey has large heads, strong, heavy beaks, muscular legs and powerful talons. The Golden Eagle is the most common of the two birds and is found throughout the United States. The Bald Eagle has more specific areas in which it lives and is our nations symbol.

Eagles build their nests known as eyries typically in tall trees or high cliffs and the female is larger than the male. All eagles have one singular characteristic that they share. Most birds of prey look back over their shoulders before or shortly after striking prey. But eagles do not, they are supreme at the top of the raptor food chain.

Referred to throughout oral and written history the eagle was the patron animal of Zeus, the Greek god who would also take its form. The ancient peoples of Peru worshipped the eagle and is often depicted in their artwork and the eagle was featured prominently in most shields of royalty.