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Day of Dead Ceramic Skull Luminaria - HL

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Day of the Dead Colorful Peruvian Ceramic Skull
Day of the Dead Colorful Peruvian Ceramic Skull Black and White with white skulls painted on  this is a bold and unique Day of the Dead luminariaDay of the Dead Folk Art Ceramic Skull LuminariaDay of the Dead Peruvian Ceramic Luminary is painted with hues of blud and green.Day of the Dead Diablo ceramic skull luminaria, peruvian folk art, realistic styling

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Price: $34.98

These colorful Day of the Dead Ceramic Skull Luminaria are 7 inches high and come in a variety of colors and designs. The large skull luminary is a traditional shaped skull with a realistic skull shape. Traditionally these skull luminaries are set on an alter with pictures of a beloved family member that has gone on to a higher plain. Ideal for any Day of the Dead celbration, these small luminaria will hold a small tea light candle.  Other suggested uses are for potpourri or an incense burner/holder.  Great to use year round as a unique home decor accent. 

Day of the Dead is celebrated the day after Halloween throughout Latin America and the lower half of the United States with Tucson, Arizona having one of the largest U.S. celebrations.

*Please note that these are handmade so there may be some variants in color and exact design.

Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and is known throughout Mexico, Peru and Boliva and the tradition of honoring the dead goes back to the times of the Inca.  The Inca's honored their ancestors by displaying their mummies in prominent places, then sharing a meal and drink with them.  The shaman would then be called upon to communicate with the dead and bestow blessings from the dead loved ones back to the living.

One of the largest cemetaries in the world "el Cementerio de Nueva Esperanza" in Lima, Peru. Families from across Peru gather in the gigantic graveyard to honor their ancestors and even spend the night there. The day is full of festivities with families gathering with picnics, musicians strolling through the crowds and vendors selling toys, flowers, food and trinkets. At the cemetary there is a procession honoring Santa Muerte, a female folk saint who is the saint of death. A grim reaper-like skeletal figure she is dressed in a long robe and is associated with protection, healing and the afterlife.  She also represents the mummies once honored by the native peoples of long ago.