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Black Wrought Iron Coaster Holder - H23

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Price: $12.98
Black wrought iron coaster holder will hold 4 - 4" round Thirstystone sandstone coasters.  Called the Black Ram as it's decorative curves are reminiscent of the horns on a Desert Bighorn Sheep.  Any brand and type of beverage coaster will fit in this holder as long as they are no greater than 4" in diameter and are round.

Please browse through our selection of Thirstystone sandstone coasters and Thirstystone coaster holders and if you do not see what you are looking for call us at (520) 457-3335 during our normal business hours and we will be glad to help you.  We carry a wide selection of collectables, old west memorabilia, gifts and jewelry in our store located at 504 Allen Street in Tombstone, Arizona.

The Desert Bighorn sheep, a subspecies of the Bighorn Sheep  is well adapted to living in the desert.  During the heat of day, they often seek out the shade of trees and caves.   Part of their adaptation is the ability to go without visiting water for weeks or months.  They are able to extract moisture from their food sources which include various species of cacti and during the rainy season water that collects in depressions in the rock.  They live in the rocky foothills and mountainous regions of the desert southwest and are slowly being re-introduced to various areas whose habitat will help a healthy herd flourish.  Dangers to the sheep by predators in small due to their size, speed and habitat.  However, the current danger to this fragile species is global warming with loss of vegetation, water and habitat.  The Desert Bighorn Sheep is on the endangered species list. To read more about the Desert Bighorn click here to go to the Defender’s of Wildlife.

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Brown Wrought Iron Coaster Holder - H25
Price: $12.98
Brown Wrought Iron Coaster Holder - H25
Brown Ram wrought coaster holder for 4" Thirstystone round sandstone coasters. Any 4" round coaster will fit in this coaster holder.