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Arizona Ranger Badge

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Price: $16.98
Arizona Ranger Badges are reproductions of the original badges from 1903.  The badges were a five-pointed ball-tipped star with etching.  They can be used in movie and stage productions or reinactments.  Excellent addition to any collection of old west memorabilia.
The Arizona Rangers were a law enforcement agency modeled on the Texas Rangers and were created by the Arizona Territorial Legistlature in 1901.  The original rangers did not wear a unifom as they were originally intended to operate undercover but in 1903 they were issued badges for identification.  The original badges were engraved with the Ranger's name if they were an officer and with a number if they were enlisted men.  Upon resignation the enlisted men returned their badge which was then assigned to a new Ranger.  The Arizona Rangers were originally created to deal with overpopulation of outlaws in the sparsely inhabitated Territory of Arizona, especially along the Mexican border were rustlers ran cattle unchecked without an repercussions.
The Arizona Rangers were officially disbanded in 1909.  In 1957 the Arizona Rangers were re-formed as a unit and are currently operating in Arizona.